A new book has just been published (Sept, 2013) called SECRETS OF HEAVEN: mystery teachings of the angels. The book includes passages from some of the earliest messages that have come through Marshall Vian Summers over 30 years ago. 320 pages of excerpts, some one-liners, and some brief paragraphs. At times I will open the book and read a passage and sometimes tears will well up inside me and other times I have to stop everything I am doing and simply sit still and ruminate on their deep meaning.

The consensus trance of our mental environment needs to be challenged and changed. These angelic teachings come very close to penetrating as well as healing our separation consciousness. It seems that we are in such a crisis that a yearning for something new amidst the plethora of ordinary messages may be heard, may be felt, may just stop us in our tracks and see and feel who we have become and shock us (or draw us gently) to awaken. If you are in a position to go deeper into what it means to be human at this particular time in history, I urge you to buy this book and periodically open it, read a few pages and deeply feel their new messages.

Here is a sampler:

…. THE EVENTS TO COME will require a shift in reality of the Earth’s inhabitants. They must change or struggle against what they now experience. It is but this alone that they anticipate in their attempts to revive the old religions, systems and values, many of which have served a valuable purpose, yet in essence are long past. Are not the preparations of this century with its revivals, its new understandings, its outbreaks of conflict and its technological development but a preparation for what lies beyond in the new centuries to come? Has not all of this been building so rapidly towards a major turning point, as if racing to a finish that is in itself but a new beginning?  (p. 173)

Also this book includes a transcript of a message revealed to Marshall on April 16, 2011 called THE ENGAGEMENT. It is a seed, a seed that needs to be read over and over for its mysterious teachings and potent knowledge. I will excerpt a piece:

After you leave this world,
They will look at you to see
If you have accomplished your task,
If you made the deeper connection.
And you will know if you have
Or you have not.
There is no judgment and condemnation,
Only recognition here.
Here what was mysterious before becomes reality itself.
And your priorities are clear.
There are no distractions.
There is no resistance.


You will want to return,
Saying to yourself,
“This time I will remember.
I know now.
I can see now.
I will remember.”
But you must remember while you are here. That makes all the difference.
That is the beginning of everything important.
That is the turning point of your life.