In my heart, I could feel a stirring, here in those moments

— An Amazon Reviewer

“Your heart will direct you. It is this we have spoken of before. Listen to your heart. It is not your emotions that we speak of, but your Knowledge.”–secret: 158

This book really struck me, as with much of the New Message work, revelation recordings, videos, the resonance experience was immediate, visceral, and strong enough to put tears in my eyes.

The experience was real. It was calm. It was powerful. The experience of the teachings stayed with me afterwards. The experiences I have had come up in my thoughts and in facing and moving through sticking points and internal changes these recent days. They have rang in my heart and given me inner voice experiences in my mind. It was leading me in reading these Secrets, out of my thoughts and into my experience, a deep experience of Mystery, of Presence, of a hot fire and confirmation feeling within my heart.

In my heart, I could feel a stirring, here in those moments, was a fire that burned so hot, so bright, so pure–that I knew, and could feel in my body, that some of these teachings were meant for me and my own life’s condition.

I knew reading some of these pages, and felt in my mind: “oh, you were meant to see this.”

You were meant to find these words and experience them right now. These teachings of the Secrets of Heaven, that so stood out to me, I had a recognition experience around these specific teachings. I knew that by applying and taking incremental action to bring the teaching into my life, that I could begin to change my mental states and eventually change the condition of my life. I so need a new stability and direction in my life now. I feel the pull and resonance in this book toward that new life, that new foundation, that power that I’ve recently begun to encounter as well in Steps to Knowledge.

There are feelings in my life that are so powerful, that they completely defy words or explanation. Feelings of affinity, resonance, destiny, and such a complete self honesty born of pain and separation from yourself and your true inner connection to Spirit and the divine. This experience was also what came up from my heart when my eyes sent these words to the heart to be received and deeply felt. I pray you who may read my humble words may feel my intention and experience seize the opportunity to experience these pages’ teachings in your heart and life too.