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  • Arun Srivastava reviews Secrets on Speaking Tree

    Time immemorial,various theories have been propounded to explain God,heaven,afterlife,Karmic account,cosmic consciousness,spirituality,rebirth,reincarnation,and what not.East and West,have come out with lot of philosophies,and added by scriptures,beliefs,faiths,scientific theories,all these have done a little to solve the grand paradox,the secret,or to reveal in entirety, the grandiose plans of God,that explains the creation,the extent of universe,much less know the purpose,the […]

  • Spiritual Seeker reviews Secrets of Heaven

    I was asked to give a review of the new book by Marshall Vian Summers, Secrets of Heaven. I’m not familiar with the author, but I agreed and so I present to you my review. The book is structured around a series of short messages, some more fulsome than others, that seem to have been channeled […]

  • Hopedance

    A new book has just been published (Sept, 2013) called SECRETS OF HEAVEN: mystery teachings of the angels. The book includes passages from some of the earliest messages that have come through Marshall Vian Summers over 30 years ago. 320 pages of excerpts, some one-liners, and some brief paragraphs. At times I will open the book […]