BOULDER, Colo., Aug. 22, 2013 — On September 9th, prophet and faith leader Marshall Vian Summers will release his newest book: Secrets of Heaven: Mystery Teachings of the Angels.

Secrets of Heaven is the newest book in a series of world teachings called “The New Message for Humanity.” The secrets reveal hidden truths and new wisdom to inspire and prepare people everywhere to discover their greater gifts and find purpose, meaning and direction in a changing world. These secrets were delivered in a mysterious series of angelic encounters that began in the deserts of the American Southwest in 1983. According to Summers, Secrets of Heaven contains wisdom and revelation long forgotten in the world, which Heaven seeks to give to humanity anew.

Summers says: “Secrets of Heaven contains the first, mysterious teachings of a vast new message for humanity. These secrets have the power to activate the deeper spiritual Knowledge that dwells within each person, and with it their higher purpose and destined relationships. With this power, people everywhere can awaken from the darkness of confusion, depression and addiction, discovering the light of their true calling in the world.”

Secrets of Heaven contains 300 short mystery teachings given to stimulate and enliven the spiritual awareness of the reader. Topics include personal relationships, marriage, children, work and religion, then rising to larger matters of social values, government, God, creation and the universe.

Secrets of Heaven is but a small part of “The New Message for Humanity,” which contains an urgent angelic message for the people of the world to awaken and unite in the face of grave challenges now emerging around the globe.

Secrets of Heaven will be available September 9th at, New Knowledge Library and bookstores everywhere.

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